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4.9 stars | 262 reviews
Semi Permanent Makeup
Posted: Feb 23, 2024
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Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Brows Semi-permanent makeup is a form is micro-pigmentation achieved with a tattoo machine, a handheld disposable tool, or oftentimes both. Three types of semi-permanent brow makeup are offered at Skin Specialists of Fayetteville - microblading, microshading, and combination brows. All three achieve semi-permanent results and are customized client to client. Which type is recommended for you is based on a few factors - age, skin type, and desired look.


Microblading consists of hair-like strokes only using a disposable handheld tool. Strokes are implanted in a pattern to mimic your own brow hairs. This pattern varies person-to-person but is always the most natural looking option. To be a candidate for microblading, clients must have normal to dry skin, be younger in age, and understand that they will likely still need to fill in their brows with makeup occasionally.  Microshading Microshading creates a soft, powder-like brow using machine shading. This will look most similar to filling in your brows with a pomade or powder. This option is perfect for more mature clients, clients with oilier skin types, or clients that want a “get up and go” brow.

Combination Brows

Combination brows, or combo brows, are the most common brows completed at Skin Specialists of Fayetteville. This method is done by marrying the previously mentioned methods together. They offer a natural appearance at the bulb of the brow with a disposable hand tool and more definition throughout the middle of the brow to the tail done with machine shading. This is a perfect option for clients who want a fluffy, natural appearance but don’t want to fill in their brows for most occasions.

How to prepare for semi-permanent brows

Before your brow appointment, you will need to schedule a consultation with our brow artist, Katie. At this appointment you will go over all the dos and donts, what to expect at the appointment, what the expect afterwards, and what your brow goals are. This is when your brow appointment will be scheduled and you will be sent home with the following precare instructions: 

What to expect afterwards and during healing

When you leave your brow appointment, you will of course have fabulous brows but they will be darker and warmer in color than what they will heal to be. Pigment fades about 60% and tends to heal cooler, so pigments are modified to combat that. During healing you can expect crusting and flaking for about 2 weeks. It’s imperative to not pull or pick at the scabs that form because this can pull the pigment out of the skin. Pigment will fade, and can at times appear to not be there at all, but it will come back. Any pigment lost will be addressed at your second appointment in about 10 weeks. An aftercare card, cleanser, and ointment will be given to you after your appointment to ensure the best results possible.  Semi-permanent brows are a great way to achieve fluffy, natural arches without the hassle of having to do makeup every day. Results can last 1-3 years depending on your skin type, at which time you’ll book an Annual Color Boost appointment. This appointment can be as invasive as you’d like ranging from a color touch up to a rework of the brows (thicker, adding strokes, etc.). If you’re interested in Semi-Permanent brows, schedule a consultation with Katie and get ready for the best brows ever!

Katie Black
Lead Esthetician
SkinSavvy Aesthetics

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4.9 stars | 262 reviews
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