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4.9 stars | 277 reviews
Why You Want To Add Neurotoxin To Your Next VI Peel
Posted: Jan 23, 2024
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Why You Want To Add Neurotoxin To Your Next VI Peel

Here’s the deal…. WE ARE BUSY! When I say WE- I mean YOU, the multitaskers. YOU work, cook dinner, carpool kids, have families, pets, sports, and maybe even a hobby squeezed in there somewhere in the 16 hours of your day(I hope you’re getting 8 hours of sleep —I’m not, but that’s ok!). 
Tested and proven, combination therapies are the best way to maximize your time and energy to get great results. So if you can squeeze your 10-minute tox appointment in with your VI Peel– you are already winning. Save a trip, time and receive a discount as well. Here at Skin Specialists of Fayetteville, you may add on neurotoxin at any time–even if you are seeing your esthetician. Simply ask to add the service and an injector will come to your rescue. Also, this method saves you 100$ off your VI Peel. 

Want to take it to an even higher level? ADD a dermaplane before your peel to increase texture and product penetration. 

Are you a member? You get a free dermaplane every 3 months and savings on your tox units! 

TOXBOOSTER  is a pigment-suppressing and lifting combination that reduces wrinkling simultaneously.

The neurotoxin suppresses muscle contraction while VI Peel refines and fades.

This provides additional benefits in comparison to doing the VI Peel alone.

Reduced bruising, minimized pinpoint bleeding, reduced injection site pain due to phenol are all benefits in adding VI Peel to your neurotoxin treatment. 

Phenol in VI Peel helps vasoconstriction, coagulation and works as a topical anesthetic. Patient surveys from the VI Peel clinical trial with Dr. Wendy E. Roberts MD F.A.A.D  show 83% improvement in lifting sunspots/reduction of hyperpigmentation, 85% in improvement smoothing wrinkles, and 74% improvement in skin texture. Ask to see our before and afters to see just how amazing this combination therapy truly is!

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4.9 stars | 277 reviews
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