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These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things - Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide
Posted: Mon, Dec 4, 2023
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5 Stocking Stuffers Your Skin Specialists Team LOVES!

Preparing for Christmas, we composed a list of our favorite stocking stuffers to help check off your gift list. Some of these items can be purchased in-clinic or Amazon!

1) Skin Specialist of Fayetteville Gift Card (In Office)

Do we need to explain further? This is the perfect gift for someone who is hard to shop for! Relax with a facial, splurge on medical grade skin care, or use it toward in-clinic treatments such as tox’ and filler! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

2) SkinBetter ToneSmart SPF Lotion or Compact (In-Clinic and Online)

SPF is your BFF. Even in the wintertime, UVA rays pierce through the clouds and damage our skin at a cellular level. This in turn ages your skin faster and increases the chance of sun damage and cancer! ToneSmart is our favorite SPF at Skin Specialists because of its skin tone adapting technology that adjusts to your perfect skin tone match and blurs imperfections. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

3) LipLuxe Essential Lip Care Products (In Clinic)

It’s no secret that our lips suffer with cold weather. Chapped and dry lips are an almost universal experience when the temperatures drop. LipLuxe Essential Lip Care products are designed to nourish and protect the lips. Available products include whipped scrub, therapy lip masque, and hydrating gloss to keep your pout perfect. Not to mention they are in the cutest packaging finished with a bow on top. They fit perfectly in a stocking and are a great gift.

4) Pimple Patches (Amazon)

Here at Skin Specialists of Fayetteville, our estheticians love pimple patches. These are small hydrocolloid bandages designed to cover fluid-filled blemishes and draw out excessive moisture/ contents. We love them so much because they protect the blemish from being exposed to external bacteria, as well as disrupt the urge to pick/ touch the area. There isn't a preferred brand, but we do like the Mighty Patch linked below.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

4) Pimple Patches (Amazon)

Removing your makeup and sunscreen from the skin first is an essential step in your skincare routine to ensure a proper cleanse. Allowing your cleanser to cleanse your actual skin allows your product to penetrate deeper. Makeup erasers are a microfiber towel that gently removes these products with only warm water and without excessive tugging on the skin. This ensures that dirt and oil are removed from your face before applying additional products that otherwise would not penetrate properly. We do recommend using a clean makeup eraser each night to reduce spreading bacteria which makes the 7-day set perfect! Simply toss your erasers in the laundry with a fragrance-free detergent each week.

Bonus Tip - This also allows you to use less cleanser, which in turn saves you $$. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

We are confident the person receiving these stocking stuffers will love them as much as we do! Everyone at Skin Specialists of Fayetteville wishes you a wonderful holiday season.

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4.9 stars | 279 reviews
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