Are You Suffering From Hyperhidrosis?

Are You Suffering From Hyperhidrosis?

Are you a sweaty betty? Or  a wet brett? Are you perspiring more than most of your friends or family even in cool conditions? 

Do you have to plan your day around sweating?  You may be suffering from hyperhidrosis.

What is hyperhidrosis? It’s excessive sweating that is not related to heat or exercise where
faulty nerve signals trigger sweat glands to become overactive.

This can be a result of underlying medical conditions or side effects of medications.
Diabetes, menopause, thyroid, and nervous system disorders are common, but it can also be hereditary.

Why reduce your sweat? 

Heavy sweating interrupts your day, adds stress and affects your social relationships.

People  who sweat a lot are more prone to infections, abscesses and  increased body odor.   Residue from sweat, bacteria and deodorant can leave marks on clothing.  *sources (MAYO  and )

Who will benefit best from these procedures:
if you suffer from embarrassing wet marks on clothes, and are needing to change clothes frequently? Even if its cool out and using clinical strength deodorants. 

Find yourself avoiding certain colors or types of materials (like silk)  because they show pit stains?

Do you wear business attire constantly and you have to wear a jacket or oversized coverup so no one can see your sweat?

Our June special is called NO sweat summer but these procedures together will give you long lasting if not permanent results.

  • triton armpit 6 sessions--permanent hair removal(long lasting/permanent)
  • morpheus axilla 3 sessions- shrinking of the sweat glands/desensitize  with microneedling/RF(long lasting/permanent)
  • tox treatment 100 units- stops the sweating by temporarily blocking the nerve signals(6-9 months) 

Projected schedule:
start morpheus
2 weeks triton
1 week botox
2 weeks morpheus
2 weeks triton
2 weeks morpheus
4 weeks triton
6 weeks triton
6 weeks triton
8 weeks triton

Remember an in person consultation is mandatory for this package!